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CRT (TV) screen off animation, and enable navbar with transparent profiles (like on the aosp one)

Various animation for turning off and on the screen, as the miui can't work (yet) with the existing module for the feature that mentioned above. And the transparent/adaptive color navbar would be fun, because with default enabling (build.prop modding), the navbar would go solid color (mostly black) on any apps, even the launcher. Thankyou very much kind sir

M Rizky R , 02.07.2016, 14:44
Idea status: under consideration


roberto, 14.07.2016, 19:04
about navbar, would be great as well to be able to resize it, as default is too high for me, and optimize it because right now after enabling it i have some glitches... like in the recents screen where ram usage is hidden, homescreen pages indicators that overlap with the apps icons etc. another great addon would be tp add typing left/right cursor arrows when keyboard is active, like in cm ;)

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