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Move cursor with volume buttons

Move cursor with volume buttons in text fields when keyboard is visible.

winger , 09.08.2016, 21:08
Idea status: under consideration


Moscha, 05.10.2016, 07:10
There is already an old Xposed Modul called "xupdown". In Version 0.0.2 you can move the text Cursor with the Volume buttons in Textfields if keyboard is open. But the rest of the module (scrolling with volume buttons) has no working effect. So it would be better to integrate this function into xMIUI.
Moscha, 05.10.2016, 07:13
Forgot to say: In the Xposed repository you only see "xupdown" version 0.0.1 and you need Version 0.0.2 to get that volume rocker Textfield function from their github site.

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