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"Fix Google SmartLock" feature doesn't work.

Using MIUI8 6.11.10 Beta with my Redmi 3s and bought XMIUI License (Also never worked before on older versions).

I want to use that feature with my Bluetooth Free Speech in my car.

Maybe a hint for you to solve the problem:
I tested at home with my Windows 10 PC: Enabling Bluetooth alone doesn't work. I have to connect the Bluetooth connection manually in Bluetooth Settings - after that Google Smartlock works (disabling the need of entering Lock Gesture).

Conclusion: The workaround could be to try connecting known paired devices after enabling Bluetooth.
Edit = I think it has to do with this Bug Report (but will Xiaomi ever fix that???):

Another idea for Unlock via Bluetooth would be the modification of Xiaomis unlock method for the Mi-Band (You find in Lockscreen Settings) to allow all Bluetooth devices (think it listens for specific Bluetooth devices and not all) and not using Google Smartlock

I hope that you can make an update for that.

Moscha , 13.11.2016, 04:46
Idea status: under consideration


Piotr, 11.09.2017, 08:50
+1 very much

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